Big Lake Baptist Association
Tuesday, October 26, 2021
United in Him, One for Him! 1 Peter 3:8


Frequently Asked Questions

1.     What does the association do?

Our association is made up of twenty-three churches.  When we work in cooperation with each other, the mission-vision of the church is advanced.  The association is designed for churches with a shared mission field.  The area around Lake Okeechobee is a ripe field for harvest.  No one church can do the work of the Lord by themselves.  We cooperate to strengthen one another to reach this area for Christ.

2.     What is my money used for?

The cooperative contributions from each church are used for the common good of the mission around us.  Each church’s percentage given to the association is multiplied many times over when combined with the other contributions from our sister churches.  These contributions fund each mission program in our association.

3.     What is the benefit for my church in belonging to the association?

We work together for the advancement of the gospel in our area.  We promote discipleship, evangelism, education, personal and professional growth, and mission engagement.  We envision an association ready to help the local church reach out effectively in their specific mission field.

4.     Our church does not need anything from the association. Why should we join?

Associations are like families.  Some members of the family are stronger than others.  As in a family, the more robust members can help the other members develop and grow.  You might think you do not need the association, but the association needs you.  It is within the DNA of an association to promote a cooperative spirit with each other.


5.     Does the association give money to the Florida Baptist Convention or the Southern Baptist Convention?

The association does not send money to the state or national convention.


6.     Can my church use the party trailer? How?

Call the office to reserve your dates. Pay $100. Popcorn and bags, snow cones and cups, cotton candy, and paper cones are included for this fee. We also have hot dog trays and a warmer in the trailer.


7.     How can I use your free background check service?

Background checks have become a necessity for our churches.  Unfortunately, some would intend to come to our churches and prey upon our most vulnerable.  It has happened in the past. It is our responsibility to do what we can to prevent it from happening in our local churches.  The association is offering free background checks through  Contact Rev. Phil Nason or Mrs. Cathy Womble through the associational office.  We can instantly perform a criminal background check and provide you with any pertinent information.  Of course, this information is confidential and will not be shared in any form with any person not authorized by the local church to receive it.